Thursday, April 19, 2007

Review of "I am eight bit"

The third annual I am eight bit show, Was ridiculously PACKED to the gils
Fourteen hundred amazingly patient people. Waited in line to see this eight bit inspired art show.
From what I could see. I counted three to four movie crews including, MTV, G4, COIN-OPTV, and CNN.
The pieces were stepped up from last year. Not to say that the pieces from the previous year were not good.
But the artist seemed like they really got into it, And gave it there all!
The show went on from seven to 1200 am and stayed packed the entire time.
So the first pics and blogs are beginning to surface. I didn't take any photos not cause I am lazy, but cause it was impossible to actually take photos. Let alone breathe or walk!
Here are the links:,,
the show was an amazing success.
The show runs through may 12
@ gallery 1988 on melrose. La, Do yourself a favor and go see it!

"Trepidation" acrylic on denim, 22"x 22"


please be friendly said...

Except for the big ocean between me and LA, I'd be there. Not that the show seems desperate for visitors. Man, I'd love to live somewhere with a more accessible art scene (I get the impression the LA scene is well promoted???).

You have awesome 80's metal skills. Metallica, GnR, Iron Maiden etc. covers were some of my formative graphic experiences. I have a special place for well done skulls.

Great work.

Anonymous said...

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