Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here's a little interview i did.
For imagine magazine.
JUst click imagine

Monday, August 17, 2009


Here is an interview I did with Aol digital City.
Just click me
I'll be at this!
Sea No evil show.
Take care

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Means to an end

My new sketch theater enjoy!
Click the means to an end

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Nerd spring break!

Well another comiccon has come and gone.
I want to thank Jeremy, Dirk, Mat, and all of Dark horse, for all the
love! You guys are amazing, and I am thrilled to be working with you.
Nerd spring break!
It was a blast, I met so many people.
I got to hang out with all my close friends. Wheather it was short and
sweet, or drunk all night in the streets.
It was an amazing weekend for me. Here is a link to all the fun, and frolic!
I made an itemized list of the chaos that took place out or after the
convention. The list is of our groups weekend
So here you go!
2 Stolen simpson's on ice posters, a parking cone, wet floor caution
signs, pepper shaker, shot glass, giant comic con banner. Drank eight
botles of jameson, a bottle of tequila, five botles of wine, two
hundred and fifty bottles of beer, twenty shots.
Fifty towels, eighty two dollars of ceasar salad, five baskets of
frenc fries,
Ten pots of coffee, six bad meals, six bad servers, one sprained
ankle, one ace bandage, 5 exclusive partys, twenty pacs of cigeretes,
250 dollars for the hotel room each, one comped night, five fraudulant
charges on the room bill, one nerd prom, one tron arcade, one Gears of
war director, and creator meeting,
One Joss Whedon meeting,
One four am illeagal pool party,
Two pizas, three snoring roommates,
One sky walker son, three art shows,
Two panik attacks, two encountetrs with chris gore, twenty gwar passes
Three signings, one missing bathing suit, one wheelchaired ewok, one
dead nerd, one groto super hero meeting, two party shuttles, one
marine special ops soapopera actor, one petty cab race, three brass
pollishers, one altercation, three sightings of a spritely stan lee,
two vertigo elevators, one service elevator, one heart shaped pubes,
one reversed happy trail,.
Two hundred stickers, four diferent room partys, all outside the
convention center. comic con09!
My print porcelain from Acme prints debuted to stellar reviews. So
much so that they sold the proof!
I had three art shows, during con.
I could only make one.
And what an extravaganza it was!
Planet illogica release party,
Long with Mark Murphy's art show superhero.
Which was amazing!
I also want to thank all the artist who drew for Sketch Theater for
me, Lilly was so happy!
Lucas Arts Mighty muggs show is now on line.
I have a customized mugg in the show.
Down to buisness.
Sea no evil art show
August 29th, 2009
Riverside art museum.
Legendary fun gallery
September fourth.
I did two amazing interviews this month.
That will be out and up soon.
One with aol, the other with imagine magazine.
Lots of secret stuff on the horizon.
Which I can't wait to share.
Until next month.
Concentrate, on the dopeness, forget about the wackness.
Take care