Sunday, April 29, 2007

Want Badly!!!!

Will trade painting for xbox Elite!!!!! It's so shiny
I need this thing
And I'm serious!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Press release

Roman Dirge and Steven Daily set sail with Peter the Pirate Squid

We all find inspiration in the strangest places. Artists are inspired by stains on the ceiling, writers by misheard conversations. And now, from Roman Dirge, creator of Lenore (and we're a little afraid to guess what that was inspired by) comes a salty tale of a seaborne squid who draws his life mission from... pirates.
Peter the Pirate Squid pairs Dirge's writing talents with the keen artistic abilities of Steven Daily, telling the tale of an eight-legged cephalopod who wants nothing more than to rule his seventh of a sea with an iron hand – er, tentacle. And so, with a faithful crew of oysters, seahorses, crabs and other eyepatch-minded denizens of the deep, Peter sets forth in search of booty, baubles and grog-toting adventure!

The same size as a Little Golden Book, Peter the Pirate Squid is sure to be a hit with existing Lenore fans, younger readers, and kids of all ages.

Dirge says that after a decade of publishing the multimedia hit Lenore with SLG, the step to children's books (albeit children's books with unique sensibilities) comes naturally.

“Ya know, I like pirates and I like squids. It just seemed like it needed to happen," said Dirge. Steven is such an incredible artist and I'm proud to shove his work into more eye balls."

"Creating this world has been so challenging and fun. I have always wanted to work on a pirate story. When Roman had the idea of taking this Peter character, and make a book out of him, ideas just started to 'flow like Neptune's beard,'" Daily said. "Roman is a brilliant working with him is amazing."

Peter and his fellow subaquatic swashbucklers will live by the sword in July 2007. Peter the Pirate Squid will be a 32-page, 7.5" x 7.5" black-and-white storybook and will retail for $4.95. It is available for pre-order now at comic book stores through Diamond Comics and will soon be available on SLG's website,, and

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Review of "I am eight bit"

The third annual I am eight bit show, Was ridiculously PACKED to the gils
Fourteen hundred amazingly patient people. Waited in line to see this eight bit inspired art show.
From what I could see. I counted three to four movie crews including, MTV, G4, COIN-OPTV, and CNN.
The pieces were stepped up from last year. Not to say that the pieces from the previous year were not good.
But the artist seemed like they really got into it, And gave it there all!
The show went on from seven to 1200 am and stayed packed the entire time.
So the first pics and blogs are beginning to surface. I didn't take any photos not cause I am lazy, but cause it was impossible to actually take photos. Let alone breathe or walk!
Here are the links:,,
the show was an amazing success.
The show runs through may 12
@ gallery 1988 on melrose. La, Do yourself a favor and go see it!

"Trepidation" acrylic on denim, 22"x 22"

Monday, April 16, 2007

Good morning.
Tomorrow I will be in a big group show in los angeles, under the theme of 80's 8-bit video games!
On tuesday April 17 2007,Gallery 1988 7020 melrose ave.
On the cornerof melrose and labrea
Tuesday April 17 2007
This Gets started early, 7:00 pm
Come one and all, but if you do come, make it early!
Cause this thing gets really full quick!
The third annual "I am 8 Bit" show. If you live in the los angeles area,
" Don't" miss This, it's a show stopper!
There is supposed to be a Five foot workable 2600 joystick to play with!
I have been just working on the "Peter the pirate Squid" averaging a page every two days.
So.. Roman when you get back I got a new page for yah!
Also, Here is a sneak peek of One of the prints I may have for sale @ con, And one tenth of my piece for 8 bit.

Take care, see you tommorrow.