Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Out of touch and out of time!

I haven't been on line in a while.
I awoke last week to my modem being fried.
After hours of negotiations and passing of the proverbial buck.
I finally found a way to beat there system.
step one stay calm.
step. two. use the word unacceptable.
step. three having an i phone makes the hold time(3 hours) bearable.
step.four always ask for a manager.
step. five wait it out.
After hours of waiting the operator got on the phone and said disgruntled "you still there? Hold on." I assumed he thought i had given up.
I ended up getting a new modem for free. and a 90 dollar credit!
I WIN BIg CO. America.
So I have been feverishly Painting away on my painting for the upcoming show at Copro Nason. "MONSTERS" the Gracious Travis Louie is curating it. Nearly finished.
So including the above mentioned.
I have four shows coming up.
and comic con.
So I have been swamped like man vs wild in my studio(Dining room)
for the last couple o months.
First off.
"Bashers" reunion art show next month. Same weekend as Comic Con in SD. Artists: jeff soto, @thedailysteven,Maxx242, ,@icanthear, Craola?
Mark Murphy is curating a show during comic con. super heroes. tba
In association with lucas films. mighty mugs tba
well not to mention all the band stuff i have been doing as well.
so yeah a full plate.
I leave you with a crappy photo of the painting in progress.