Thursday, January 03, 2008


Steven Daily Original Art Sale
Body: Update:
Due to the dismay of this holiday season, I have decided to let the sell continue until all of the drawings are sold...

Thanks again for all your support
Love your gutsies.

Tomi, and I were in a car accident on Christmas morning.
Her car looks like the terminator when his skin is falling off, and her insurance will not cover the damages made by the uninsured champ who rear-ended her. The vehicle damages are in excess of 4000.00 and who know how much the court and lawyer fees will be...
So I decided to put up some sketches, and some ideas for sale on FLICKR.
I know it is after the holidays and everyone is broke, but take a look and if you want something, email me back.

So here's how it works:
Check out the art on Flickr.
Write me with the tittle, shipping address, and your email address.
I will write you back with a pay pal invoice.
As soon as payment is received, it will be all yours.
These range from sketch book, vintage paper, parchment, bristol ,and illustration board.
Thanks for all your support in '07, just click on the word sale below!!!!
$25.oo Kaniza Limited edition(11total) Vinyl toy
designed by Steven Daily (Sheap in wolfs clothing) In collaberation with big shot toy works and toy qube.
Signed and numbered eleven left!
just click on the word sale below!!!!


Chester Drawers - sold
sdarth ignored - sold
creature 300 dpi - sold
asian study - sold
video game study - sold
asphyxiation sold
Tea party-sold
Lamb and rider-sold
Zombie bus stop-sold
Robots have feelings-sold
wolfs den sold