Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, It's been a while since I updated.
First of all, i want to thank those who helped out and supported by purchasing art and toys.
I love your gutsies
This last month was pretty, interesting.
Tomi and I have been struggling this past couple of months since the car accident.
It's been kinda like, camping. except were not out side,there is no tents, or animals, and were not freezing.
I broke my toe, about three weeks ago. and Have just been able to walk, and or get around. as of lately.
I broke it the stupidest way possible. While carrying this epic sandwich that Tomi made me. Full of turkey, Provolone cheese, and egg on a baguette o goodness. I stubbed my toe on the couch leg, which is steel.
And broke my pinky toe. The break made me instantly nauseous so I was double sad.
After a while I managed to eat the sandwich, because I couldn't let all that goodness go bad!
After a few days my whole foot was bruised black and all ugly.
You cant do anything for a broken toe so I just stayed off of it and taped it to my other toe.
But it's not all bad news, Tomi and i have been super productive.
working non stop. its been a blast. We are completely nocturnal now but hey were getting shit done.
I have finished three paintings in the last two months, done several sketches, and a commission!
Lots of exciting things on the horizon. A light at the end of my camping tunnel.
So to speak.
Take care, and thanks again for all your support.
Here's some photos