Thursday, June 14, 2007

So much to talk about.
Well, I finished Peter the Pirate Squid It was such an amazing experience creating this world With Roman.
The Vader project show has been amazing, I got to do an interview for star wars insider.
It's like a dream come true to be able to work with star wars, on any level really.
Also Roman and I have an interview coming out for Helio magazine.
New designs for lamb of god and I know I'm gonna get shit for this.....HIM.
But it was actually a fun project.
This month with an undisclosed date I will be doing an invite only show with Disney,
called Bloc 28. This show Is an honor to be in. Craola and myself wil be in the show, along with Legendary graff writers Slick, mear and sf based artist David flores. I was stoked to see my painting made the flier.
I will be @ San diego comic con all four days stop by the slave labor booth and say hi.
Also I will have a collaboration vinyl toy with toy cube and klim from big shot toy works debuting there.
It's called Sheep in wolfs clothing.
Well back to work, This book isn't gonna finish on it's own. All though I welcome the idea.