Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"New laptop skin"Osteology"

New laptop skin, coming out for gelaskins.com
check it out!
Should be up today. I will post the link later.
Went to the 30th anniversary of star wars here in LA last week, For The Vader Project.
Twas a lot of fun.

Ps: Just beat "Bullet witch" the last boss is so fun and challengeing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vader project

StevenDaily (dissembodied) wrote,
@ 2007-05-22 21:17:00
The good folks over at www.vinylpulse.com already have pics of the show up.

So we were asked to keep quite about this show since august of last year!
Finally, the press release came out today! This is my dream show, i can remember going to the drive-in, with a bucket of pioneer chicken in my dads pick up! leaving the day glow eighty's behind for at least 2 hours.
I think every boy in my generation loves these three original movies so much, even if there in the closet with there nerdy side.
Wit out further a do here is the orignal press release
75 artists customize Darth Vader helmets in landmark gallery exhibition for
Star Wars Celebration IV
May 24th to 28th, 2007
Los Angeles Convention Center
Unfortunately a was still wet, but here is a crappy,phone camera pic. enjoy!

May 16, 2007 (Los Angeles, CA)-- The Vader Project, a reimagining of the iconic Darth Vader helmet by some of today’s hottest pop and underground artists, will have its World Premiere May 24 to 28th, 2007 at Star Wars Celebration IV, a landmark event being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. The five-day event is expected to attract more than 25,000 Star Wars fans from around the world (www.gencon.com/2007/swciv).

The Vader Project is presented by Master Replicas Inc. and curated by Dov Kelemer of DKE Toys. Kelemer gathered 75 of the hottest underground and pop surrealist painters, artists and designers to participate. Each artist was given a Master Replicas 1:1 scale prop replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films. Each helmet served as a blank canvas for each artist to paint, design, mash up, and customize.

Artists include Shag, Paul Frank, Mr Cartoon, Tim Biskup, Frank Kozik, Marc Ecko, Amanda Visell, Tim Biskup, J. Otto Seibold, Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter, Robbie Conal, Jeff Soto and many more. Many of these artists jumped at the chance to lend their talents to one of the most iconic pop culture characters in film history.

Keith Bornholtz, Vice President of Consumer Marketing for Master Replicas, said, "We are pleased to provide this excellent canvas to this group of talented international artists and introduce them to their new intergalactic fans."

"This could not be a timelier event," Kelemer said. "The pop surrealist/
lowbrow/graffiti/designer art scene is exploding around us. A canvas is what you make it, from bunnies to cows to toilet seats. The ‘platform’ group show has been around, and we have seen it all."

Ugly Doll co-creator David Horvath said it best: "It’s Darth Vader!!! It’s the most recognizable character in the universe. After this exhibition we don't ever need to be in a platform show again."

After the premiere at Star Wars Celebration IV the plan is for exhibition to travel to museums, galleries, and events around the world. The helmets will then be offered publicly at auction. Details will be announced later.

Master Replicas (www.masterreplicas.com) has created the highest quality 1:1 and scaled prop replicas for Star Wars. Using all the latest technologies and often scouring the Lucasfilm Archives, the company has released some of the finest and most sought-after movie-related collectibles. The company’s licensed properties include Disney, Muppets, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and many more.

Curator Dov Kelemer, founder of DKE Toys (www.dketoys.com), is one of the largest designer vinyl and art-toy distributors in the world, exclusively representing over 50 companies, artists, and designers. Having started his business selling Star Wars memorabilia more than 15 years ago he has finally found a way to meld both his passions.

***Interview Opportunities with participating artists & Dov Kelemer upon request***
Key art available upon request
More Information including a complete artist list available soon at
Media wishing to attend convention please apply here (ignore deadline date):
StarWars.com story here

Participating Artist List

Troy Alders
Kii Arens (www.kiiarens.com)
Attaboy (www.yumfactory.com)
Anthony Ausgang (www.ausgangart.com)
Axis (www.stylepig.com)
Aye Jay (www.ayejay.com)
Gary Baseman (www.garybaseman.com)
Andrew Bell (www.creaturesinmyhead.com)
Tim Biskup (www.timbiskup.com)
Andrew Brandou (www.howdypardner.com)
Buff Monster (www.buffmonster.com)
Nathan Cabrera
Mister Cartoon (www.mistercartoon.com)
Mr.Clement (www.mrclement.com)
Robbie Conal (www.robbieconal.com)
Steven Daily (www.stevendaily.com)
Dalek (www.dalekart.com)
Cam de Leon (www.happypencil.com)
Roman Dirge (www.spookyland.com)
Bob Dob (www.bobdob.com)
Marc Ecko (www.eckounltd.com)
Eelus (www.eelus.com)
Ron English (www.popaganda.com)
FERG (www.fergbag.com)
David Flores (www.davidfloresart.com)
Brian Flynn - Hybrid Design (www.hybrid-design.com)
Paul Frank
Huck Gee (www.huckgee.com)
Fawn Gehweiler (www.nocandy.org)
Mike Giant (www.mikegiant.com)
Joe Hahn
Thomas Han (www.tomorama.com)
Derek Hess (www.derekhess.com)
Jeremyville (www.jeremyville.com)
Sun-MinKim & David Horvath (www.davidhorvath.com) (www.sunminkim.com)
Jim Koch (www.jimkoch.com)
Frank Kozik (www.frankkozik.net)
David S.Krys DSK Designs (www.dskdesigns.com)
Peter Kuper (www.peterkuper.com)
Wade Lageose - Lageose Design
Joe Ledbetter (www.joeledbetter.com)
Simone Legno Tokidoki (www.tokidoki.it)
MAD (www.madtoydesign.com)
Mars 1 (www.mars-1.com)
Bill McMullen (www.billmcmullen.com)
Melvins (www.melvins.com)
Brian Morris (www.ooo000ooo.com)
Niagara (www.niagaradetroit.com)
Mitch O’Connell (www.mitchoconnell.com)
olive47 (www.olive47.com)
Estevan Oriol (www.estevanoriol.com)
Alex Pardee (www.eyesuckink.com)
The Pizz (www.thepizz.com)
Plastic God (www.plasticgod.com)
Playskewl (www.playskewl.com)
Dave Pressler (www.davepresslerart.com)
Seen (www.seenworld.com)
J. Otto Seibold (www.jottodotcom.com)
Shag (www.shag.com)
Sket-One (www.sket-one.com)
Shawn Smith (www.shawnimals.com)
Winston Smith (www.winstonsmith.com)
Jeff Soto (www.jeffsoto.com)
Bwana Spoons (www.grasshutcorp.com)
Jophen Stein (www.scribbletheory.com)
Suckadelic (www.suckadelic.com)
CameronTiede (www.camerontiede.com)
Touma (www.touma.biz)
UrbanMedium (www.urbanmedium.com)
Michelle Valigura (www.thegirlsproductions.com)
VanBeater (www.vanbeater.com)
Amanda Visell (www.thegirlsproductions.com)

(subject to change)

a photographer friend of mine from the mid ninety's and the double o's. Has put his years of following us dirty writers to the most god awful places in the southern california area, were only bums and rats live.
To use by putting out a book of graffiti pick it up.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sketch for a secret show coming up this month, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.