Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Back, and I may be nocturnal.

I am in negotiations with go daddy right now, about loosing
It's a big-ol mess. Which I'd rather not get into right now.
So, I have decided to start up my blog again Till the problem is resolved.

Tomi and I, have been working through the night for the past couple of weeks.
Which In turn, has made us really productive and nocturnal.
I also curated a second Gag me with a toon this year which was a huge success.
I'm posting a link to my flickr because there is way to many photos.

I Have been painting a-lot lately and doing a lot o commercial work, and commissions For various bands and company's.

"Porcelain" 8"x10"
Acrylic on canvas Board
Also I did a painting of face bones from metalaucolypse,
For my friend Jon schnepp. He created the characters and also directs the show.

Lots o secret stuff on z horizon.
Stay posted!