Saturday, August 25, 2007

I finally broke down and got a business account through pay pal.
So now you can just buy from me straight off the web!
"Peter The pirate Squid" Limited edition print 0f 100.
Hand signed, on parchment paper. (11"x17")

sold out.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


First of all.
I would like to thank, everyone that came out to see me, and support my art, at San Diego comic con. The reaction you guys gave me brought a tear to my look'n balls!
It was awesome meeting all of you. I am sorry if I didn't get to get to hang with some of my old, and new friends.
I have been going to con since 93 and let me tell you it was insane this year.
every day was sold out and it was packed to the gills!
It may have seemed like I was being too cool, but in actuality I was signing three times a day. and by the end of the night I was just beat! So if I didn't call you I am truly sorry.
Plus it was really hard to hear or feel your phone in there.
ON to the fun stuff.
We had a blast at comic con, drank way too much met a lot of important people, made some new friends, and hung out with old ones. Got to see my buddy Jeff Soto who is a very old friend, and amazingly talented artist.
He came by the booth to say hi. Mondo, Henry, Josh, and some cool Guys from bloc28 came by also.
I barely saw the con, with all the signing I had to do. I actually only bought one thing.
Besides the Peter the pirate Squid book, I had a vinyl figure come out with toy cube, who were amazingly cool!

The Lucas arts, Gentle giant, Dark horse party was insane!
All the people from dark horse were so rad! It was real cool to put faces with emails.
Beautiful venue, great crowd. Paul Rubins, Frank Miller and David Arquette were there!
Tomi, Roman, and Chris got to meet Paul and David. I was off being a social with some friends.
I sadly did not get to meet him.
I was happy for Tomi because she loves her some peewee!

More drinking and consumption of food was had.
Okay, I am going to end on a funny story.
So, it was my last signing at toy cub. It was running over by an hour, and I had to leave to get back to slave labor to sign for peter the pirate squid. I had fifteen minutes to smoke and pee. When you sign they give you lots of bottled water. Luckily I found a bathroom at the end of the convention that was not as stinky as the rest of them that made me throw up in my mouth,and my eyeballs melt out of there sockets.
I get to the less stinky one and there is no one in there. So I go up to the urinal and start doing my business. When this little kid comes in. He must have been Eight 0r nine. Wipps his skippy out and begins to do his business. He the starts leaning over to look in my swimsuit location. So I am trying to ignore this kid because I have seen way to many law and order episodes and don't know the legality's of talking to kids while at the urinal! He says, "you are holding it wrong!" Then looks back at his own business and makes a sad ahhhhh sound. I almost fell on the floor laughing.
I then met roman for a smoke and told him the story.
I almost forgot the week after I got back and a couple of weeks before. I had two art shows.
Crazy for cult at gallery 1988
And, block28 at downtown Disney which is amazing! I have my name in neon at down town Disney!
Here is a link to all the comic con madness! Taken by the lovely Tomi monster.