Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Well to tell you the truth, I haven't been doing much since con but Bioshock(one of my favorite games of all time) and Halo 3 , I even threw in a little Castle Vania Symphony of the night on xbox live arcade. Yep been taking some much needed xbox time. Man Bioshock was amazing!
Any way, on to the work stuff
Thank you every one who helped make my Gella skins one of the top ten sellers.
The I phone ones are amazing, now I just need an I phone, hahaha.
Well today I received an advance copy of " it ate billy for christmas"
Let me tell you it's breathtaking! I can't wait for you guys to see this.
This project has been dear to me for the last four years.
So it brought a little tear to me Eye to see it done.
Also Dark horse ran a full page add in Juxtapoz magazine.
Also Romans new Lenore vinyl was featured in the Toy box section with a little review.
Lot's of new stuff in the works, secret stuff so keep your lookin balls peeled.
"It ate Billy on Christmas"available everywhere on November twenty eighth, Two thousand and seven.

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the chung said...

oh snap! i'll have to pick me up a copy of that! it was awesome meeting you at the Cartoon Network party, we'll have to meet up again sometime
hope all is well, keep up the killer work dude!